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Airing on June 17

Episode 1: Autoimmune Disease: Fighting Blindfolded

Airing on June 18

Episode 2: When Your Body Attacks: How to Win the War on Lupus, Arthritis & Thyroid Disease.

Airing on June 19

Episode 3: Missing Puzzle Pieces: Can Your Mind Be Restored? The Truth About Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Airing on June 20

Episode 4: Learning to Thrive Instead of Just Survive: The Truth About Lyme and the Effect of Toxins & Parasites

Airing on June 21

Episode 5: You are What You Eat: The Connection Between Your Gut & Your Brain

Airing on June 22

Episode 6: Is Autoimmune Just the Beginning? The Connection Between Autoimmune, Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer

Airing on June 23

Episode 7: Healing & Thriving: Learning How to Heal, Essential Oils, Innovative Diet & Lifestyle Approaches to Autoimmunity

Airing on June 24

Episode 8: Discover some exciting information in this bonus episode!

Airing on June 25


Airing on June 26

Episode 10: Discover some exciting information in this bonus episode!​

As an investigative journalist and film director, Jonathan has produced several popular films covering innovative & effective approaches to cancer, autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, and heart disease.  His work has been featured in international TV broadcast, print media, national news, and radio broadcast.

He received the awards, Young Citizen of the Year and International Volunteer of the Year by the Australian government for international humanitarian contributions, which he continues to support. He and his wife, Lori, reside in San Diego, California.

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