EPISODE #3: Missing Puzzle Pieces: Can Your Mind Be Restored? Exposing Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson's & More!


* Please note not all statements are absolute, for example organic grains (with the exception of wheat), starches, potatoes & a wide range of fruits may be effective and helpful foods for many people. Test it yourself.

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Aired on November 27

Episode 2: When Your Body Attacks: How to Win the War on Lupus, Arthritis & Thyroid Disease.

Aired on November 28

Episode 3: Missing Puzzle Pieces: Can Your Mind Be Restored? The Truth About Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Aired on November 29

Episode 4: Learning to Thrive Instead of Just Survive: The Truth About Lyme and the Effect of Toxins & Parasites

Aired on November 30

Episode 5: You are What You Eat: The Connection Between Your Gut & Your Brain

Aired on December 1

Episode 6: Is Autoimmune Just the Beginning? The Connection Between Autoimmune, Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer

Available on December 3

Episode 8: Discover some exciting information in this bonus episode!

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